The internet isn’t in short supply of those who have decided to speak out again Creationism, as you can see by taking a quick look at the links on this page. Bloggers, You Tube’ers and authors from all walks of life are doing their bit in the fight for reason. So why am I bothering with this blog? Because many of you will probably only be hearing about those same bloggers, You Tube’ers and authors for the first time here. Our voices simply are not loud or numerous enough, while the Kent Hovinds of the world – charlatans who must themselves realise how bogus their speeches and pamphlets are –  fill auditoriums. This is not a good situation.

Creationism and the general anti-science, anti-education sentiment it breeds are becoming increasingly widespread by the day as more and more gullible people are taken in by lies, deception and genuine ignorance. Most people know almost nothing about evolution or science, yet formulating an opinion from ignorance is inexcusable in an age when information is freelly available to anyone who bothers to look for it.

Hopefully this blog will go some way towards easing the situation. If you’re a Creationist, stick around and keep an open mind. I’m not going to be pulling any punches here, but neither will I drive away anyone who’s honestly looking for the truth.


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