Planned Parenthood and the APA

I recently signed up for the APA’s ‘ActionAlert’ e-mail thing in order to get a weekly dose of crazy delivered straight to my inbox. If you click that link you’ll notice that the website it brings you to is that of the American Family Association – so where did I get the ‘P’ in the acronym from? Well, I’ve taken to replacing the word ‘family’ in this case with ‘patriarchy’. The entire organisation makes much more sense when viewed in that light.

I initiall signed up after the APA had a hissy fit over Hallmark deciding to produce wedding cards for same-sex couples. I sent them a humerously ironic e-mail (cue gales of immature laughter), as I’m sure many people did after PZ Meyers featured the issue on his blog. I was going to leave it that, but gay marriage isn’t the only issue the APA issues reactionary, knee-jerk proclomations over, so I thought I’d sign up. And boy, am I glad I did!

The latest crime against nature they’re fighting against is this, a Planned Parenthood website that has the audacity to teach teenagers about sex while a) actually talking about sex and b) showing a bunch of people ‘doing it’ in a way that is very, very obviously fake. Seriously, there isn’t even any nudity. Here’s a brief exerpt from the e-mail:

For example, one video on this new Web site depicts what appears to be an African-American male teenager relegated to performing oral sex on a white male teenager while another white male (an adult authority figure in a suit) stands nearby giving instructions.

The interesting word here is ‘relegated’. What exactly are they trying to say? That Planned Parenthood is being racist? I thought liberals were the ones who comb the world with a beady eye, trying to hunt out anything remotely ‘offensive’, to anyone, anywhere. I’m assuming that the APA would rather sex be talked about under the following conditions:

  • Don’t mention contraception.
  • Don’t mention homosexual sex.
  • Don’t show it. Don’t even show a weak approximation of it.
  • Don’t mention STIs.
  • Just don’t talk about it at all; your first exposure to sex should be the night of your wedding, in a dark room, with the curtains closed so that nobody has to see any more than is absolutely necessary to make a baby.

I’m sure this kind of thinking will do wonders for the teenage pregnancy problem.

The APA site is rife with this kind of stuff. Anyone who even mentions homosexuality without using the words ‘sin’, ‘disgusting’ or ‘abomination’ is apparently ‘pushing it’. Push away, I say!

They’re advertising a seven DVD series called ‘Speechless: Silencing the Christians’. Given the amount of bullshit everyone else has to put up with from the more loud-mouthed members of Christianity, I’m having a tough time believing that they needed seven whole DVDs.

Their ‘Issues‘ section is, predictably, a riot. And, oh look, home schooling! I sure hate my parents for sending me a to Godless, liberal, communist-fascist-antireligious school. It even had the word ‘multidenominational’ right on the sign! I guess not getting a healthy dose of Bible every day is what turned me into the twisted, immoral atheist scumbag I am now.


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