Why Isn’t God the Answer?

Earlier today I posted a link to some of the unsolved problems in physics and asked which of them could not be solved by saying ‘God did it’. Go take a look if you haven’t already.

Done? Great. 

One aspect of a scientific theory that Creationists frequently ignore is that a coherent theory must be able to explain the evidence and make testable predictions (more on that some other time). What do I mean by explaining the evidence? I’ll give a few examples.

We find that geographically isolated populations (most notably those on remote islands) tend to be similar but different to their counterparts on nearby mainland areas. This makes perfect sense from an evolutionary point of view: the island populations adapted to their surroundings and, incapable of interbreeding with their mainland counterparts, began to develop along a slightly diverging evolutionary path.

What’s the Creationist explanation for this phenomenom? ‘God did it’. Why? We have no idea. How? Again, no idea. Will God always do it? Who knows!

Another example, and one that I’ve brought up here before: humans posess a set of chromosomes (number two, I think) that appear to be two fused sets of chromosomes from our hominid cousins. Obviously, this makes perfect sense if all of the hominid species are descended from a common ancestor.

What’s the Creationist explanation? ‘God made us like that!’ Why? We have no idea. (Although one might reasonably assume that he really, really, wanted us to think that evolution is occuring.) How? No idea. What does this tell us about or genome, and why was another hominid species chosen to pluck DNA from instead of something else? Once again, we come up with nothing but question marks.

Not only does ‘God did it’ completely fail as an explanation for the above facts, it can never hope to improve itself. Even assuming God exists, there is no way to study him; the best we could hope for is that he might deign to come down to Earth and explain why a particular section of DNA from another ape species is so great that he decided to stick some in us. 

This is why I asked you to skim through the unsolved problems in physics article. If you realise that ‘God did it’ can be used to explain literally anything, you’ll come to realise that this is precisely why it explains nothing at all.


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