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If you notice anything showing up under the name ‘penguinfactory’, that’s a new contributor to the blog.



The above is the 13th video in YouTuber AronRa’s incredible ‘Foundational Falsehoods of Creationism’ series. It covers a few of common Creationist myths eloquently and with an eye towards detail that few commentators can match. The entire series is well worth a look.


This is an offering from the odious website ‘kids4truth‘. It presents the infamous ‘watchmaker argument’ in easily digestible form, for those whose children have yet to be fed a completely scewed idea of what science is. Check it out and prepare to either laugh hard or cry hard. (Hint: You can make it more bearable by playing a fun little game – have a drink every time the old-timey narrator misrepresents evolution!) 

When the video is over (or when, unable to take it any more, you click the ‘stop’ button) you’re invited to learn more about this ‘watchmaker’ guy. Is he the Christian god? You bet he is! There’s even a Q&A section, where kids can e-mail their burning questions about God. From the link:


God is truly magnificent. The fact that He has always been there without anyone or anything making Him just shows how much different He is from us. Don’t be upset or frustrated because you don’t understand this fully. The fact that we can’t know everything perfectly is further evidence that there is Somebody A LOT smarter than we are! There are things we do not understand completely about God, but these are things that show He is God and we are NOT! God is uniquely wonderful!


Somebody shoot me. Pointing out that not knowing everything isn’t something to be ashamed of is a good lesson for kids. Coupling it with Biblical justification (of all things) on a website that promotes blind faith makes the whole moral seem slightly warped.


One Response to Found Around the Internets

  1. penguinfactory says:

    “The fact that we can’t know everything perfectly is further evidence that there is Somebody A LOT smarter than we are!”

    The willingness with which religious people belittle humanity is startling. And thay have the gall to accuse us of doing the same thing?

    I feel a post coming…..

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