Palin, Chrome and Dawkins

(Note: This is about random crap you probably don’t care about. Read at your own discretion.)


My 21st birthday is tomorrow, but I’m far more excited by the prospect of the LHC beginning operation five days later. Needless to say, I’m a huge nerd, which is why I went and installed Google’s Chrome browser as soon as it came out. First opinions are mostly positive.

Chrome looks great, runs quickly (in general it seems to load pages much faster than on Firefox, at least on my laptop) and has a few useful features that set it apart from the crowd. I particularly like the Task Manager, which acts the same as Windows’ Task Manager but is browser-specific. If the Flash plug-in crashes, you can kill it rather than let it take down the entire browser.

Unfortunately, Flash crashes a lot, and when it doesn’t it tends to run pretty slowly. Worse, when navigating away from a page with a lot of flash animations, the entire browser locks up for several seconds. I don’t think this problem is widespread, but it’s still very annoying. I want a flash blocking plug-in similar to the one for Firefox, and I want it soon. Combine that with more stable flash performance in the first place (and less resource hogging), and you’ve got me sold, Google.

(My thoughts on Internet Explorer 8 are pending. UPDATE: I tried using IE8 and couldn’t get the damn thing to install…despite the installer prompting me to restart my computer twice. I might try again later, but for now I’m not willing to put up with Microsoft’s bullshit.)


In other news, the entire world has gone batshit crazy over Sarah Palin. I can honestly say that I don’t care in the slightest whether she is or isn’t a Creationist fundie with ten pregnant teenage daughters. This could be because I dont’ live in the USA, or it could be because I suspect that McCain picked Palin to divert attention away from himself and anything even remotely related to politics, in which case mission accomplished


Finally, I’m going to start on Richard Dawkins’ impressive doorstopper The Ancestor’s Tale later today. I’ve had it for a while and greatly enjoyed Climbing Mount Improbable (although I’d advise any potential readers to skip the spider web chapter, since it’s really, really boring), so I’ll post my thoughts once I get far enough into it. Another book I’ve been reading recently is The Republican War on Science by Chris Mooney. It’s as politically biased as the title suggests, but is enjoyable and informative nonetheless.


2 Responses to Palin, Chrome and Dawkins

  1. Deneen says:

    Turns out we’re birthday buddies.

    Happy (early) birthday!

  2. forknowledge says:

    Heh, neat. It’s always funny when stuff like that happens.

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