Ars Technica Reviews ‘Exploring Evolution’

Ars Technica, the well-known technology site, has reviewed the latest ‘supplementary’ textbook from the equally well-known psuedoscience peddlers the Discovery Institute. I hadn’t heard about the book before now, but it looks as if it follows the general trend of Creationism tactics, in that it does not explicitly mention Creationism (in either it’s crazier form or as ID) and tries to present itself as purely scientific rather than religious. Predictably, Ars Technica reports that this ploy is pretty transparent to anyone familiar with Creationist literature.

One paragraph in the review sums up Creationism pretty well:


This is pretty typical of all the scientific material in the book. Even when it has its facts right, they’re embedded in interpretations that none of the actual scientists cited are likely to recognize. The mere presence of actual science does nothing to outweigh the general morass of errors, distortions, and faulty logic that comprise the bulk of the book. The book as a whole acts like a funhouse mirror, distorting and removing the context from the bits of science that do appear.


Well said.


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