Information In The Genome

It’s time to knock down another piece of Creationist silliness! This time it’s the claim that no mechanism exists by which information can be added to the genome.

Before I get started, though, I’m going to need a few Creationists to define what exactly they mean by ‘information’ (and ‘genome’, for that matter, since I don’t trust them to know what the scientific definition is). You can think of this as a bit of audience participation. I’ll refute the information claim by whatever definition(s) I’m given.


2 Responses to Information In The Genome

  1. Good luck. I don’t foresee you getting many replies offering to define these terms. 🙂

  2. forknowledge says:

    Heh, no, I wasn’t expecting any. I have ‘The Debunking’ up already, which also hasn’t gotten any replies 😦

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