What Do I Do Next?

I’ve covered a few Creationist myths by now, but I’m a bit stuck as to what to do next. The fossil record and the Cambrian explosion are two topics I haven’t dealt with yet (they’re coming, possibly by tomorrow morning), and I’d like to go a bit deeper into Flood Geology (it gets more ridiculous the more you read – mind-bogglingly so, in some cases). But what else is there out there? Feel free to comment and vote for your favourite myth that needs debunking.

For the time being, I’d like to point out that what I’m doing here isn’t real scientific debate. For a start, that would require that all parties involved have at least a passing familiarity with the topic being discussed, and since Creationists tend to have a mid-high school level of science education (if even that), this certainly doesn’t count as real debate. It’s more like debunking urban myths or conspiracy theories: interpretation of the evidence doesn’t play a big part in it, since the offenders generally rely on ‘evidence’ that’s wrong, inflated or entirely made up in the first place. This is the work of Snopes, not scientists.

For some debunking in video form, I suggest this YouTube channel. Here’s a particularly good example from there of why Kent Hovind is a moron:



6 Responses to What Do I Do Next?

  1. M. Patterson says:

    Yeah, but next time you wear the pink tu-tu. Oh, wait, wrong blog. What the heck am I doing here? Bye.

  2. M. Patterson says:

    Hold it, George! I think I’m evolving into a monkey!

  3. M. Patterson says:

    Your blog

    it lacks

    intelligent design

  4. […] three of those were posted here by the mysterious M. Patterson, who in the past claimed to be a scientist. Going by his latest […]

  5. M. Patterson says:

    Don’t worry, in a few million years it may evolve into a meaningful debate. Just keep those monkeys typing.

    Yes, I study bacteria for a living. No, I don’t believe in Darwinism.

    Granted, you’ll more likely end up with a room full of dead monkeys, piss and torn paper than an intelligently designed argument against intelligent design, but that’s not my concern.

  6. forknowledge says:

    You seem to do things in threes. The above comment is three more or less unconnected thoughts (well, ‘thoughts’) with no relevance to the blog, unless you’re referring to a comment I made elsewhere.

    What kind of bacteria do you study?

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