Evolution and Entropy, Pharyngula Style

A quick update:

The second law of thermodynamics is frequently brought up as a problem for evolution by Creationists who aren’t very intelligent. It’s an easy myth to debunk, but someone has gone one step further and actually attempted to do the math on entropy’s effects on evolution (or evolution’s effects on entropy, I guess). Head on over to Pharyngula for some (mostly) non-technical commentary.


2 Responses to Evolution and Entropy, Pharyngula Style

  1. Luke Maggard says:

    How would you over come that law friend?

  2. Joey Giraud says:

    Ah, the second law canard. Best rebutted with the point that enough energy produces order. Of course, there’s little hope of getting a creationist to actually understand thermodynamics, the argument is mere sophistry.

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